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Please read before enquiring 

Manx Motorcycle Hire can hire to you if you comply with the following

a) Aged 25-70

b) No driving disqualification in the last 24 months or less than 3 current motoring convictions, and none of the following codes in the last 5 years

i - UT (theft or unauthorised taking)

ii - DR (Drink or drugs)

iii - DD (Dangerous driving)

iv - BA (Driving while disqualified)

v - LC (Licence)

vi - CD (Careless Driving)

Or equivalent offence in Northern Ireland

c) if you have held your licence for more than 24 months 

d) You are not employed in the following fields -

i) For use as a food delivery service while hiring 

ii) bookmakers, turf accountants, gambling industry workers, 
iii) Entertainment workers (including fairground workers)

iv) Professional sports

v) Professional modelling

vi) publicans or licenced trade employees

vii) Street or market trader

viii) Scrap metal merchants or dealers

ix) Diplomatic Profession

x) Courier or messenger

xi) Undergraduate/student under 25 years old.

g) Anyone who has had insurance declined or renewal refused and/ or special insurance terms imposed and/or has had their insurance or cover cancelled by any motor insurer.

h) Anyone who has had a criminal conviction

i) anyone who has had any physical or mental defect which in the  opinion of a medical practitioner would impede their ability to drive unless that person has notified the DVLA and has been given subsequent permission to drive

j) Anyone whose driving record includes 2 or more fault accidents in the last 3 years.

4) The insured vehicle will only be driven by the hirer or other permitted drivers.  All drivers must complete and sign a hirer drive proposal which includes the following declaration and warranty:

If the statements and particulars in the proposal are in the handwriting of any person other than the hirer or any other permitted drivers agent for the purpose of completing the proposal form

All proposals are to be made available to the insurers on request


Tony - 07835653199 Dave - 07624332137

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